Studying in Brussels

Brussels is the heart of Belgium and Europe. In Brussels you will find several monuments, the royal palace, different entertainment districts and lots of culture. It is a city full of life, challenges and opportunities. With its 52 universities and colleges, Brussels is also the city to study. 

In Brussels you will study in a world city with endless opportunities. That is why we offer more than 250 unique student rooms at various top locations here. All rooms and cottages enjoy all amenities and are equipped with basic furniture. 

Your knight in shining armor!

In Brussels you can find our enthusiastic city manager Patricia! You can contact her for all your questions, problems or stories! So don't hesitate to stop by.

The Quares Student Housing community manager

This is Kim, the community manager of Quares Student Housing. She is your contact person within the management of Quares Student Housing. So do you feel that you need to talk with someone else than your city manager, do you have a suggestion for improving Quares Student Housing or do you just need a nice chat? Then Kim is the person you can turn to!

Our locations in Brussels

Rue Antoine Bréart 60-62